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The Heart of the Matter

A preppy 20-something licensed practical nurse. California living with a Southern state of mind. Has a little obsession with Disneyland, the South, crafting, and British monarchs. A tad eccentric, but then again who isn't?
Apr 15 '14


summer is real cute until every fuckin type of insect comes out of the 8th circle of hell

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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14


anyone wanna make out… a check to me for 500,000 dollars

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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14
Some nights I close my eyes and imagine feeling your lips on mine, your whispered words slowly pushing my legs apart.

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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14


fun fact: if you tell someone to kill themselves it’s considered encouraging suicide and you can get a fine of $25,000 and 10+ years in prison. if they actually commit you can be charged with manslaughter. 

so really it’s in your best interest not to be a cunt.

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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14

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Apr 15 '14

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